Fanny Jandrain and Thibaut Roland replace Benjamin Maréchal at the presentation of On n’est pas des Pigeons

March 21th, Benjamin Maréchal will give way to a duo of presenters. Fanny Jandrain and Thibaut Roland, both already well known to viewers of the magazine We are not Pigeonsjoin forces to take control of the show.

Live better with less, manage your family budget, responsible consumption, free tips, the signs you shouldn’t fall into, behind the scenes of prices, the underside of organic, the exchange of good deals… In the continuity of the magazine Today, the duo always wants to be as close as possible to the concerns of citizens who are becoming more and more “consum’actors” and taking charge of the management of their daily lives.

Fanny and Thibaut will continue to expose scams, test and evaluate products and highlight positive, local initiatives and sustainable actions. New sections with women’s topics will see the light of day, such as “digital mum” (internet mothers) and the madness of shopping on the internet, cosmetics, decoration, the art of living, floral art, “fact checking “, or how to have fun without being fooled?

We are not Pigeons wants to interfere in the daily life of families to accompany them in their purchases and daily expenses. Fanny will bring her experienced and feminine eye with energy and empathy. It will bring relevant and concrete solutions to the daily concerns of the public.

Thibaut, he will put his determination at the service of civic causes and the ‘fair price’ defense. This news buff will also remain alert to the world of tomorrow and to technological developments.

Together, this powerful duo will address consumer news in all its diversity and for all audiences. With the support of the whole team, We are not Pigeons continues, both on radio, TV and on social networks, to stay in contact with all audiences and all testimonies.

On March 18, it will be the “last” of Benjamin Maréchal, the show will put him in the spotlight to thank him for his investment during these many years of collaboration. In 3 years at the presentation, he will have marked the magazine We are not Pigeons of his imprint and his personality.

Fanny and Thibaut will take up the torch from Monday 21 March.

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