Farewell message from former Guoan coach Stanley and his wishes for the team’s success in the Chinese Super League

2023-06-13 07:45:08

15:45, June 13, 2023 Source: Beijing Evening News

Farewell to tell the truth, the opportunity is poorly grasped, foreign aid arrives late

Stanley wishes Guoan team into the top three

News from our newspaper (Reporter Wang Yang) Yesterday, the former head coach Stanley, who terminated his contract with the Beijing Guoan Club, boarded a flight to Amsterdam. Before boarding the plane, he expressed his sincere wishes to the club, players and fans. At the same time, he also hoped that the Guoan team would surpass and play better in the second half, and strive to win the top three results.

Wei Kexing, head of the technical department of Guoan Club, assistant coach Tao Wei and translator Jiang Xiaojun went to the airport to see Stanley off. When leaving, Stanley had quite a lot of luggage, and there was an overweight problem when boarding the plane. It took several times to complete the check-in procedure smoothly. During this process, Stanley always maintained a serious expression, “I regret and apologize for the (termination) result. Of course, the most important thing is that I failed to lead the team to a record that is satisfactory to the club and the fans. I have done my best. With my own efforts, I believe that as the league continues to deepen, the team’s record will continue to improve, because this team is capable. I hope everyone will continue to support the Guoan team and give the players motivation, so that the team will be stronger. “Stanley did not forget to thank the players and coaching staff, “Every time I think back to the time when everyone was united and devoted, I will be very moved.”

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Regarding the recent 6 draws of the Guoan team, Stanley said, “We have gained too many draws and failed to grasp the good opportunity to win. There are some objective factors, such as the arrival of foreign aid to the team late and the early schedule. Intensive and so on. I I am not a person who likes to complain. I am willing to look at these issues from a positive perspective. Therefore, I am both disappointed and happy. The disappointment is about the results and performance, and the happiness is because I have fought with these excellent players. It’s been a fantastic two seasons with the club and the fans.”

As a parting message to the Guoan team, Stanley thought over and over again and said: “We have created a lot of opportunities this season, but the scoring efficiency is not high. In recent rounds, the defense has conceded a bit too many goals. But overall, we It has strength.” He believes that Guoan, currently ranked seventh in the league, is competitive in the Chinese Super League in terms of staffing and overall strength. Now the Shanghai Seaport team is thriving and leads the standings, but as long as the Guoan team can maintain its own characteristics, it is very likely to enter the top three.

As for whether the team should introduce striker foreign aid in the second half of the league, Stanley replied with a smile: “This question should be left to the next coach to think about.” (Beijing Evening News)

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