Fatal accident on the E19 / E42 motorway near Havré

Large traffic problems are expected.

A serious accident occurred this Saturday morning, around 8:30 am, on the E19 / E42 motorway, in the direction Mons towards Brussels at the height of Obourg and Havré. After being struck by another vehicle, a car ended its run on the roof, in the middle of the right lane of the highway.

The Mons firefighters were dispatched to the scene to carry out the marking, while an ambulance from the Nimy Red Cross and the PIT (Paramedical Intervention Team) of the Ambroise Paré CHU intervened to provide urgent first aid. Unfortunately, it was already too late. The motorist died on the spot after being ejected from his vehicle.

Several white tarpaulins were placed by the road police, who also closed traffic on this strip in order to carry out the various operations required. Lines of several kilometers were still to be deplored around 11:30.

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