Fatlip’s New 2022 “Hybrid Theory” Series Vol.2 Officially Released

following the releaseTruckin’“series Vol.1 After that, he devoted himself to rock music, “Cult”A new street style brand with film and subculture as the core of the brand Fatlipfocusing on the millennium full of sci-fi and new metal, launched a new 2022 Vol.2 “Hybrid Theory” series, which especially features the new metal band Linkin Park At 2000 The first album released inHybrid Theory” as the theme, and from Linkin Park deceased vocalist Chester Bennington The daily wear and distinctive personal characteristics of the collection draw inspiration for the creation, and continue to explore the possibility between rock music culture and daily wear.

Different from the fancy dress style of the lead singers of most rock bands,Chester Bennington Prefers simplicity, so Fatlip This time it is scheduled T-Shirt section, which incorporates the text of the brand logo Logo and graphics Logo Two designs with different cuts are presented in a minimalist form.which first appeared in clothing design Fatlip graphics Logo The shape is inspired by the common sound hole design of stringed instruments such as violins and guitars, and combines the fluid shape of Tai Chi diagrams. The black circle interior has a graphic design with smooth strokes and an angle.At the same time, the Logo It also pays homage to those who have left their mark on various musical genres. Fender Telecaster Thinline electric guitar.

As the key item of this round, the design inspiration of summer shorts is drawn from Chester Bennington The flame tattoo pattern on both hands and wrists presents its silhouette on the straight trousers through high-density embroidery with a more modern design method. In terms of accessories,Fatlip For the hot summer, a simple and versatile curved-brimmed hat design is brought to street culture lovers who love sports. It is worth mentioning that the time background used in this series coincides with an era of fusion, new metal,New School Punk, The rap dressing style is carried out in a loose and perverse way. It is reported that at present,Fatlip brand new 2022Hybrid Theory“series Vol.2 already at Fatlip The official online store is on sale, and those who are interested may wish to pay more attention.

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