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It’s about Bavaria’s cabin bubbling |

Goretzka settles accounts on TV!

In the past few days, things have been bubbling up in the Bayern cabin!

Trigger: Early players were dissatisfied with their betting times and their bank role! Due to the rotation, DFB stars such as Serge Gnabry (27) and Jamal Musiala (19) were not always in the starting XI. And Leon Goretzka (27)…

The international now commented on this – he settled on TV!

After being substituted on in the 2-0 win over Inter Milan, the midfield star said publicly: “Now I’m ready to start.” According to BILD information, that was not well received by the Munich team leadership!

A good week later, after the 2-0 win against Barcelona, ​​the DFB star spoke on the subject and gave free rein to his frustration. Tenor: You misunderstood that. He criticized the media, although the team leadership had taken his sentences critically…

Goretzka on “Amazon”: “I actually decided not to say anything about it. But I can’t help it. To be honest, I don’t think it was okay during the week. A sentence I used was completely misplaced. We have no problem at all. I don’t have a problem with the coach, nor with the fact that I didn’t start today. I was out for six weeks, then played 90 minutes.”

And further: “The fact that I don’t start two days later is completely normal. That was explained to me well. Sabi has played great the last few weeks. So all these alleged problems in the dressing room are constructed in such a way that they really annoyed me. We all get along great in the team, we are all happy and we also know that we have a lot of games and that everyone will play from the start.”

According to BILD information, Goretzka wanted to be in the starting XI for the Barça cracker. But he didn’t! His expression in the final training session spoke volumes. He sat on the bench for 45 minutes against Barcelona and then came in. Very important! He brought more physicality into play and got the corner before the 1-0 with a super shot. BILD grade 2!

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Source: BILD/DAZN/Sportdigital


Bayern boss Oliver Kahn (53) takes the bubbling cabin at Bayern calmly. When asked by BILD after the Barça game, he said: “That’s always the case at FC Bayern to a certain extent.” Especially with this top squad with 17 stars who have the right to play from the start.

Sports director Hasan Salihamidzic (45) on the dissatisfaction in his top squad: “If one or the other is substituted or does not play, something is carried in there. But overall we are in a very good mood. Rotation is very, very important. And that you out there understand that, but so does the team.”

By the way: After his “Amazon” interview, Goretzka no longer wanted to ask the journalists in the mixed zone questions about his interpretation of the reporting on the bubbling cabin at Bayern!

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