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In the last endurance test before the start of the Bundesliga against Leipzig, Bayern only lost 4-4 to Austria’s leaders RB Salzburg. For a long time it even looked like Bayern would go bankrupt, when the top eleven left the field after 63 minutes, it was still 1: 3!

That’s why coach Julian Nagelsmann (35) said after the game clearly what needs to be improved, praised the young stars and blamed the stars: “After the goal we stopped playing until the 60th minute, when we made a lot of changes. The boys did very well. In the last 30 minutes we had a completely different energy on the pitch. In certain situations we have to step up a bit. I don’t want to go into any more detail. But this is a very similar pattern. But that’s relatively easy to fix if you find a good position early on in the important moments. I have different insights. We conceded two goals from similar situations as in the first half of the season. Thank God we did it today.” And hopefully not in Leipzig anymore…

Everything much more complicated! Exciting Bayern suspicion about Neuer and Sommer!

Nagelsmann also protected his players because of the tough training camp: “You could see that the lads were tired from the 35th minute. That was a lot of units in the training camp. Playing a friendly after the training camp was a bit thankless. If you know from the start that you’re going to play 60 minutes, you divide it up a bit. It’s good now that we’re getting freshness towards Friday. The boys need two days to catch their breath. When we get back on Monday, we have a good four days of training and hope for a good start in Leipzig.”

Nagelsmann was really clear again when it came to the goalkeeping topic – he increased the pressure that a new keeper urgently needed to come: “I think everyone sees our goalkeeping situation. We need one, that’s out of the question. Let’s take the fictional case, Ulle tears inner ligament next week. What do we do then? Then a very young goalkeeper, who played his first game today, has to play in the Champions League and the Bundesliga. Everyone asks themselves: Are you still very close? Why don’t you get someone Goalkeeper? That has nothing to do with trust. Ulle knows his role, we know what he can do. He has the trust. Ulle knows that the situation is completely normal and that we have to make an effort. It’s our job, that looking for the best for the club.”

Incidentally, Sven Ulreich (34) made a good performance despite the goals conceded. Nagelsmann: “As of today, Ulreich is in goal against Leipzig. I don’t know what else will happen next week…”

Ulreich made a good game and made a few saves

Photo: Dennis Brosda

Curious by the way: Boss Oliver Kahn (53) had seen enough after the 1: 3, jetted away after a good hour. And missed three of Bayern’s four goals…

Kahn steams off during the game

Kahn steams off during the game

Photo: Dennis Brosda

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