FCU Gerersdorf/Ebersdorf: President Franz Haiderer Re-Elected and New Coach Frenkie Schinkels

2023-12-11 12:15:00

At the FCU, things continue with President Franz Haiderer (center) at the top. In the picture with Honorary President Josef Moderbacher, the board members present, local councilor Wolfgang Linauer, raffle organizer Manfred Günter, Union chairman Andrea Gartner, the former Union chairman Karl Pasteiner and Karl Scheiber as well as other FCU employees.

Photo: Ferdinand Bertl

Franz Haiderer will lead FCU Gerersdorf/Ebersdorf through the next four years. He was unanimously re-elected in the election of the board at the football club’s general meeting on December 9th at the Heuriger Moderbacher.

The most important goal for the future, Haiderer emphasized, was the successful game against relegation and staying in the 1st class West-Central in the spring. The new coach Frenkie Schinkels should be of significant help. Haiderer is also hoping for some new additions to the team.

You need “a guy like Schinkels, who is up to speed” to achieve this goal, says Haiderer. At the meeting and the subsequent Christmas party, the FCU President not only thanked the team for their commitment, but also all employees and volunteers at the home games, especially the “good soul” in the canteen and club premises, Lisi Fuchs.

The following were also elected to the board: Karl Martin Gruber (Deputy President), Karl Moderbacher (Treasurer), Felix Haiderer (Deputy Treasurer), Astrid Dirnegger (Secretary), Andreas Hubmann (Deputy Secretary), Erwin Bertl and Manfred Günter (cash auditor).

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