“Fear God in people’s health” .. Al-Khudairi warns of a false message that has been repeated for 7 years, “in the name of Rida, Fathia and Mahjoub”

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Dr. Fahd Al-Khudairi warned of a false message being circulated about treating diabetes by drinking spoons of olive oil.

Al-Khudairi said, through a tweet on his Twitter account: “A false message is circulating about treating diabetes by drinking tablespoons of olive oil, and this is not true and a lie. Rather, those who tried it had complications and clogged arteries.”

He added that this message: “It was repeated (and still is) 7 years ago?? Once in the name of Dr. Reda and once in the name of Mahjoub! And in the name of Dr. Fathia and everyone she passed by changed the name (and the lie was repeated in selling a fake cure for cancer). So fear God for people’s health.”

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