fear of making a mistake in the specialty

In less than 24 hours thousands of aspiring doctor They will make one of the most transcendental decisions of their professional future by having to choose the specialty and destination of their residency at the MIR choice 2022. The first to do so will be Sofía Haselbruger, after getting the best grade in the exam. However, reaching the top of the charts has a price and a added pressure according to the applicants who achieved it in previous calls. What path has each of them followed? How does each applicant experience the fear of choosing the position associated with her future as a doctor?

Choose seat MIR It is only the first step, they count. Afterwards, the residence and the experiences lived are what make each of these future doctors opt for one path or another. Since working in the same hospital where the MIR was done, repeat the exam to be able to try another specialty or try your luck outside the borders of Spain.

How important is it to be the number 1 MIR?

Medical Writing follow in the footsteps of eleven ‘number 1’s in the MIR to get to know your experience before, during and after the residency, once they have become practicing doctors. All this with the help of ancient MIRnow turned into mentors in aspirant academiesand who analyze, from their perspective, the risks involved in having to take that first step loaded with transcendence.

Although with different trajectories, uncertainty, nerves, and above all illusion are a common factor in the lives of all of them. also andl fear of being wrong, they explain. Much greater when you have all the places at your disposal and the responsibility of choosing the first. There are also patterns that are repeated in terms of choice, both in the case of specialties, with Cardiology and Dermatology as indisputable ‘favorites’, as in the destinations, placing the Madrid hospitals at the head.

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