Feasibility of Adding Names to Public Housing: A Battle Over Occupancy

2023-07-11 07:03:55

A public housing caused a battle? A Hong Kong man posted on the Internet that his father married a mainland woman earlier, but the stepmother divorced his father after coming to Hong Kong and occupied the public housing. In order to “revenge” his father, the victim planned to marry his “stepmother” and “add his name” to the public housing, so as to regain the public housing. The unbelievable plot made many netizens feel skeptical, but at the same time they were curious about its “feasibility”.

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The male netizen recently shared in the Facebook group “Hong Kong Public Housing Discussion Forum (FB Version)“China posted anonymously, saying that his father remarried a few years ago and married a mainland woman who became his stepmother, but after her stepmother came to Hong Kong, she divorced her father and occupied her father’s public housing.

The victim said that he owns a property of his own, so he sold the property, and planned to marry his stepmother and drive her away, so as to regain the public housing.

“Now I’m selling a building, and I want to marry that woman and add her name to the public housing. Is there any way to drive her away after joining?”

Netizen: I lost all the money because I sold the house

The subject’s post stunned many netizens. Some netizens described his idea as unimaginable and questioned the authenticity of his statement: “The screenwriters are not as strong as you”, “After divorce, how can a woman go to the head of the household?”, “ It’s hilarious to write an article.” On the other hand, some netizens seriously discussed the feasibility of the plan, described it as very difficult, and wondered why the stepmother married the victim, or even let him join the public housing household registration: “You don’t even have the money to sell the property because you live in it”, ” Did you know that your stepmother would marry you?”

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Is it feasible to “add name” to seize public housing?

Whether it is feasible for the victim to retake the public housing by “adding his name” to marry his stepmother depends on whether the victim has a household registration of a public housing unit. According to the information of the Housing Department, persons whose household registration has been deleted generally cannot restore their household registration in the future. If the subject was once a resident and bought a property after deleting his household registration, he cannot “add his name” again; on the contrary, if he has never added his household registration, he still has the opportunity to “add his name” . The Housing Department allows 8 types of people to join the household registration if they meet the required criteria, including the spouse of the head of the household, the spouse of a married child of the head of the household, etc.

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87-year-old uncle is afraid of losing his public housing because he marries a mainland wife

As for some people wondering whether it is possible to “marry a wife and lose the house” because the father of the victim is the head of the household. In May of this year, “East and West” reported that an 87-year-old uncle who lived in a public housing unit for 24 years was suddenly asked by the Housing Department to return the unit. It was found that it was related to a marriage four years ago, when he married an ex-wife from the Mainland , After marriage, it was discovered that the other party had a son. The ex-wife brought her son to Hong Kong with a one-way permit and moved into public housing. However, the uncle found out that his ex-wife cheated and decided to divorce.

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