Female Doctor’s Arrest Warrant Ordeal: Fighting for Justice in the Medical Community

2023-06-10 02:09:52

The embarrassed female doctor almost inserted the land. Going to fly to travel but stuck in immigration because there is an arrest warrant both working honestly did nothing wrong

Become a hot topic in the medical community ever. When a female doctor posted a message via Facebook with the topic “Doctors work honestly. have the right to pursue a lawsuit Got an arrest warrant!” which are as follows:

We are regular doctors One of the provincial hospitals in the perimeter area Served for 13 years, determined to work with honesty, honesty and what I want to say is Rarely have the opportunity to travel like everyone else, like this past New Year. not on duty Still have to go to standby for government work outside the place I’m willing to go to help the government, but then We also had the opportunity to take our family to travel with him sometimes .. by living duringday offSongkran, when we have a plan to go Then find time to make passports for mothers, us and children, book tours, pay, everything goes smoothly.

Until the travel date, April 13, 2023, we and our family met at the meeting point of the tour group. and then check-in with the airline Then went to the immigration checkpoint and had to find a shock!! Addicted to immigration!!! There is an arrest warrant from the civil court. This page is down to two inches. professional pride confidence in abilities Down to the pile with the prison and the table!!? Shame on the tour group And how many people have passed by, not to mention It was the first time in my life that I had just understood the word that I really wanted to insert the land and escape.

Our children are very disappointed that they haven’t traveled abroad since 2019 and in the end, our trip ended and how did it happen?????

warrant that from being summoned to be an expert witness Has no interest in the case

The first warrant came to the hospital and we had already made a request to postpone it. Because the mission is impossible. And to leave work to answer questions for the case, we are happy to do it. Been doing it all along Often with court postponement letters, he was also given in the idioms.

The second number is sent to our house only. Although the first destination was able to contact us. At that time, I was confused, but he considered it legal. Oh, the process of justice

The third warrant is sent to the same place, but we have moved to the house a month before that. And who did you send it to? But in conclusion, we were arrested. hit with another doctor Plus send it to the old house too.

We have written a lot of cases. The case patients have examined all of them and never been concerned. There are plenty of court summons. because we believe in justice

From our experience in court, we feel that all judges, prosecutors, and lawyers are knowledgeable, capable, and passionate about justice. We always believe that if we are on the right side We don’t have to be afraid. We are not afraid of going to court and have always been willing to cooperate.

We are people who respect our profession very much. Everything we do is always with intention. Not a single bit of thought would have to encounter these things. especially Our forensic brothers and sisters that have to go to court more often than on a plane abroad Any comments?

that makes us want to come out and tell Because we see that these things can happen to any doctor. Including it may happen to us again at any time as well!!

I want doctors and everyone to be careful so they don’t get damaged like us.

P.S. In the confusing part, the adult on the day we went to court said An arrest warrant sent to our old address.. They like to issue warrants like this. You don’t need to go out to the right place. Otherwise, the culprit will escape. In fact, from a doctor to an escaped prisoner. Is it okay for me to come out and tell you because I still believe in justice? Even what we found will be outrageous!!!!

But believe and want to prove to everyone that justice still exists.

At this point, apologies. oral or letters already Because before, I didn’t receive a request as a processing fee. disgrace The cost of being insulted, the damage, but it’s difficult to assess.

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