FENDI Private Residences in Crans-Montana: Luxury Living in the Swiss Alps

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Internationally renowned Italian luxury brand FENDI and renowned Swiss real estate developer Steiger&Cie/Sotheby’s International Realty are pleased to announce the launch of the highly anticipated FENDI private residences in Crans-Montana.

Comina Architecture, Marco Costanzi Architects and Enea Landscape Architecture worked together to create such a luxurious and extraordinary building, located in the magnificent Swiss Alpine landscape, perfectly integrated with nature and setting a new standard for high-end residences.

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The very special FENDI Private Residences are surrounded by rich history and tradition, built on the foundations of the century-old Alpina & Savoy Hotel, loved by tourists and locals from around the world. In collaboration with Michèle Luyet, the fourth generation representative of the original Alpina & Savoy Hotel, FENDI Residences pays homage to the site’s rich history while providing world-class comfort and service to a new generation of discerning residents .

Under the leadership of FENDI, a unique concept was introduced into this avant-garde collaboration, seamlessly integrating its famous key elements and design concepts to create an architectural marvel that seamlessly blends into the surrounding landscape.

Designed by renowned Italian architect Marco Costanzi, who designed the FENDI Private Suites in Rome, and constructed using the expertise of local contract architect Comina Architecture, the interiors of these residences and suites display meticulous attention to detail. From the gently sculpted Valmalenco stone structure and its elegant geometric lines – a tribute to Karl Lagerfeld’s iconic FENDI Astuccio reversible fur cape – to the warmth brought by the oak floors, the unique Mario Nanni lamps, the furniture upholstered in FENDI Casa fur and vibrant artwork, each This carefully designed element ensures ultimate comfort, creating an unprecedented living environment.

Residents will enjoy full concierge services, private dining and state-of-the-art amenities, including a spa with panoramic views of the snow-capped mountains (with swimming pool, sauna, steam room, massage room and whirlpool) and gym. with a multi-purpose space available for yoga and wellness classes. FENDI Private Residences focuses on sustainability through full insulation, electrochromic glass on south-facing building facades, solar roofs to power common areas and electric vehicles, and rainwater recycling for irrigation lush gardens, in order to obtain the best energy use performance and comfort. Enea Landscape Architecture, known for its focus on harmonizing architecture with nature, has cleverly integrated the building into the surrounding landscape, allowing for picturesque views in every season. The concept of “natural edge” is found throughout the project. The house is surrounded by native plantings of Scots pine and European hornbeam, blending into the adjacent forest. Carefully placed native trees and plants complement the alpine views, ensuring a sense of uninterrupted landscape, while climbing plants soften architectural elements and gravel paths wind through wildflower meadows. From outdoor adventures in stunning natural settings to cultural experiences, residents will have several options to choose from to immerse themselves and create treasured memories.

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The architecture of FENDI private residences demonstrates the pillars of authenticity, exclusivity and appeal, ensuring total immersion in the FENDI lifestyle, where every aspect of the living experience reflects luxury and luxury. unparalleled sophistication associated with the iconic FENDI brand.

Serge Brunschwig, Chairman and CEO of FENDI, said: “We are delighted to launch this new development in Crans-Montana. FENDI Private Residences is dedicated to its ideal location, impeccable design and exceptional facilities. a unique opportunity to enjoy an extraordinary lifestyle in the mountains.

“Alpina & Savoy is at the heart of my family history. With the strong support of FENDI, Comina and Steiger&Cie, this site has entered a new chapter and I am extremely proud and excited to witness its transformation. Three generations of my family People with great foresight have always welcomed guests to Crans-Montana while adapting to the changing trends of the times. I am happy to see that the tradition of Alpina & Savoy is combined with the construction of FENDI Private Residences. , as well as with the construction of Alpina, Savoy and Paradis The three buildings continue together The FENDI Private Residences project represents the perfect fusion of Italian elegance and the tradition of Swiss hospitality. Michèle Luyet.

“The launch of FENDI Private Residences in Crans-Montana is a historic moment for Steiger&Cie / Sotheby’s International Realty as we embark on a journey to bring the classic FENDI lifestyle to the heart of the Swiss Alps. For us, Crans-Montana has always had a special value and today we are launching a project that transcends the boundaries of traditional luxury hotels and high-end real estate developments. FENDI is the ideal partner for us, both attached to landscape, authenticity and ultimate comfort in a magnificent setting. a proud chapter in our history, contributing to the community and history of Crans-Montana and its enduring charm, it adds another layer. » – Florian Steiger, founder of Steiger&Cie/Sotheby’s International Realty.

The first units of the FENDI Private Residences in Crans-Montana should be delivered by the end of the second quarter of 2026.

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