Festiver in Barichara moved all its spectators with a successful closing

CWith the participation of 78 films from 18 countries, Festiver, the Barichara Green Film Festival, closed its twelfth edition yesterday, exciting locals, nationals and foreigners.

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“In the twelfth edition I think that the most important thing is that we have managed to reach rural areas. Campecine arrived in Villanueva, Pinchote, Galán and Barichara, with a great impact on the villages and the main balance is that it is not a novelty for the people, they are already waiting for the festival and they are also applying to me for four other municipalities in other editions ”, commented Toto Vega, director and cultural manager of Festiver.

Last night Festiver held the award ceremony for the films, short films and documentaries presented and here we tell you who the winners were.


In the National Short Film competition, the jury of this call, made up of Amanda Jaimes (Colombia), Luis Carlos Rueda (Colombia) and Loris Omedes (Spain), unanimously agreed to award the prize to “Pejebongo”, a documentary, under the directed and produced by Julián Alfredo Gómez Díaz. But in addition, he decided to award honorable mentions to “Las seeds de mi Nona”, a documentary by director Camilo Barón and producer Catalina Barón. and also “Women and their leadership in the face of climate change: a rural context”, directed by Climalab Ong and produced by Manodeobra Estudio Creativo.

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Likewise, in the National Feature Film competition, the jury made up of Katherine Bruce (Canada), Denis Delestrac (France) and Arturo González Alonso (Mexico), unanimously agreed to award the prize to “Songs that flood the river”, documentary, under the direction of Germán Arango and produced by Ana María Muñoz and also decided to award an honorable mention to “What do your eyes sound like?”, a documentary by director and producer Ana Cristina Monroy.

In this version of the film event, the activities and programming were 100% face-to-face.

For its part, in the international short film competition, the jury, made up of Alexandra Galindo (Colombia), Samuel Castro (Colombia) and Carolina Torres (Colombia), unanimously decided to award the prize to “Mirage”, (fiction) from Countries Netherlands, directed by Sil Van Der Woerd and produced by Angelo Schuurmans and Trent, and also awarded honorable mentions to “Essence, the Return to Earth”, a documentary from Argentina, by director Rodrigo Dietrich, and producer Antonela Salvador. As well as “Memory short”, a documentary from Spain, by the director Nerea Barros and the producers Nerea Barros, Hernán Zin, Ana Pincus and Xavi Font.

Other distinctions

In the International Feature Film competition, the jury of this call, made up of Juliana Ospina (Colombia), Sandra Ríos (Colombia) and Jennifer Steffens (Colombia), awarded the prize to “Berta soy yo”, a documentary from Honduras, by the director Katia Lara and producer Milton Benítez and gave an honorable mention to “Aware, a documentary from Germany by director Frauke Sandig and producers Eric Black and Frauke Sandig, and also to “La sangre de Bolivia”, a documentary from Bolivia, by the director and producer Blagny Julia.

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Finally, in the National and International Animation competition, the jury of this call, made up of José Arboleda (Colombia), Emerson Cáceres (Colombia), and Edison Yaya (Colombia), awarded the prize to “Loop/Círculo” (fiction) from Spain, by director Pablo Polledri and producer Iván Miñambres, and gave an honorable mention to “Boa” (fiction) from Colombia, directed by Nicolás Eduardo Parra Garzón and produced by Julián Andrés Sánchez Quiñones.

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