FIFA: The reasons for disqualifying Indonesia from hosting the U20 World Cup are exposed-International-China Times News

FIFA: Reasons for canceling Indonesia’s U20 World Cup qualification revealed. (Photo/Dazhi Video)

Indonesia was originally scheduled to host the U20 Youth Football World Cup in May. A few days ago, some officials refused to participate in Israel, which caused controversy. Cup qualification.

The International Football Federation (FIFA) announced on its official website tonight that after talks between FIFA President Gianni Infantino and the Indonesian Football Association (Football Association of Indonesia, PSSI) President Erick Thohir today , FIFA has decided to disqualify Indonesia from hosting the 2023 U20 Youth Football World Cup.

The text pointed out: “The Federation will announce the new host country as soon as possible, the match date remains unchanged, and the sanction against the Indonesian Football Association may be decided later.”

Fifa stressed that, despite the decision, Fifa is still active in assisting the transformation of Indonesian football following the tragic stampede in Indonesia last October, adding that “the members of Fifa in the coming months We will continue to provide necessary assistance in Indonesia.”

The statement also stated that Infantino and Soh will discuss in a new round of meetings.

Indonesia originally planned to hold the U20 Youth Football World Cup in six regions in May. This is the first time Indonesia has hosted the event. However, due to the strong support for Palestine and strong anti-Israel sentiment in Indonesian society, this sports event has turned into a political storm.

On the 26th, the Indonesian Football Association suddenly canceled the draw ceremony for the U20 Youth Football World Cup to be held on the 31st. At that time, an official revealed that the decision may be sent to the Indonesian Ministry of Youth and Sports with the Governor of Bali Province, suggesting that Israel’s policy towards Palestine Barring Israel from participating.

Jokowi said yesterday that it was an “honor” for Indonesia to host the U20 World Cup sports event, and that “politics and sports should be separated, and Israel’s participation in the competition will not affect Indonesia’s support for Palestine”, hoping to quell the controversy, but a day later However, the International Football Federation still made the decision to disqualify Indonesia from hosting the U20 World Cup. (Editor: Yang Zhaoyan) 1120329

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