FINAL STRIKE – Finding Pieces

2023-12-10 17:32:07

Finding Pieces
(Power Metal | Melodic Metal)

Label: Reaper Entertainment
Format: (LP)

Release: 24.11.2023

Singer Christian Erikkson has made a name for himself in recent years as the frontman of TWILIGHT FORCE and NORTHTALE talk about himself, but in recent years he has given these positions to Alessandro Conti (TRICK OR TREAT) and Guilherme Hirose (TRAUMER). The Swede still has other projects going on, but now he’s back with the brand new band FINAL STRIKE with other accomplished musicians he already worked with at NORTHTALE, but also from EYNOMIA, CIRCLE II CIRCLE or IMPELLITTERI back.

But fans can count themselves lucky, because Erikkson recently even considered withdrawing completely from the music business, which is why the name FINAL STRIKE seems appropriate as a last big attempt. The Northman also said that he wanted to create an album that he himself would have loved as a 17-year-old – which was a little over 20 years ago.

And the references are quickly clear. Hymnal songs a la HAMMER FALL meet the brand’s cool, Nordic keyboards STRATOVARIUS and also a shot HELLOWEEN is felt. The Swedes do their job well, deliver beautiful hymns that are easy to sing along to, catch your ear quickly and come out of the speakers in a relaxed and calm manner. Everything always happens somewhere between power and metal metal and uses classic genre elements as well as a subtle symphonic component without ever breaking out of the corset.

And so the overall quite cheerful “Finding Pieces” is an extremely solid genre work that, as a debut, seems very mature and well thought out, but also does not lack the necessary joy of playing and is simply a lot of fun. There is still room for improvement for possible successors, but the foundation for FINAL STRIKE has been laid more than skilfully.

Tracklist „Finding Pieces“:

1. Archers
2. Finding Pieces
3. Fly
4. Freedom
5. Heaven’s Falling Down
6. Oblivion
7. Restless Mind
8. Spark From The Dark
9. To The North
10. Turn Of The Tide
Total playing time: 41:44


final strike finding pieces final strike

final strike finding pieces
FINAL STRIKE – Finding Pieces
Christian Eriksson (Vocals)
Martin Floberg (Guitars)
Jan Ekberg (Bass)
Jimmy Pitts (Keys)
Patrick Johansson (Drums)
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