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Mutant Virginia is about to star in Sons of the Forest. We’ll show you how to find and recruit the three-legged companion.

Hamburg – If you don’t want to survive the horror of Sons of the Forest alone, it’s best to do it in multiplayer with a few friends. But what if nobody has time? Luckily, in the new survival adventure from Endnight Games you can also recruit NPCs to help you in the forest. This also includes Virginia, a young mutant who has just spontaneously become popular with many fans. You can read here where you can find Virginia in Sons of the Forest on the PC and recruit her as a companion.

name of the game Sons of the Forest
Release (Early Access) February 23, 2023
Publishers Newnight
developer Endnight Games
platform PC
Genre Survival-Horror, Open-World

Sons of the First: Find and Recruit Virginia – This is where you can meet the mutant

How to meet Virginia for the first time: In theory, you can find Virginia as soon as you start a save in Sons of the Forest. From the first minute there is a chance that the young mutant will meet you on your way through the forest. Sometimes she’s just walking through the forest, but you can also find her sitting on the banks of lakes and ponds, or bathing in a waterfall.

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In any case, with her three arms and three legs and little dance routines, you can quickly recognize Virginia. But it is important that you do not approach her when you are holding a weapon in your hand. If you do, she will quickly become frightened and flee from you. The same applies, of course, if you injure them.

How to recruit Virginia as a companion: To get Virginia as a companion in Sons of the Forest, you just have to be as peaceful as possible with her. Don’t get too close to her, and don’t carry weapons near her. If you don’t hurt or threaten them, the way they treat you will change. First Virginia will be more social with you and bring you berries or other items. Once she’s done that a few times, she’ll then give you a thumbs-up, meaning you’re now allies.

Sons of the Forest: Finding Virginia – How to Recruit the Charming Mutant © Endnight Games (Montage)

Once you’ve made friends, Virginia will always stay near you or by your tent. While you cannot give Virginia orders, she will provide you with food of her own accord, and you can equip her with clothing and weapons. It will take a little time before she uses the weapons properly. But you should also take them with her, because Virginia can also die. So you should not neglect good self-defense.

Sons of the First: Find and Recruit Virginia – How death and respawn work

What happens when Virginia dies? It would be advisable that you take care of Virginia’s health if you intend to keep her as a companion in Sons of the Forest for long. Both cannibals and mutants and the player character themselves can damage her, but since she always spawns in your closer radius, she cannot be killed in your absence.

However, if push comes to shove, you’ll have to live with the consequences. Once Virginia dies, she cannot respawn. So she stays dead for the rest of your save. Then it’s time to play Sons of the Forest multiplayer again – or look for another NPC companion.

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