Finito and Keroseno cry talking about their mother’s suicide in ‘GH DUO’

“We are marked by a history and we cannot be afraid to speak with history. We were quite afraid for 10 years being silenced,” Kerosene explained. The brothers became viral and well-known as a result of making humor of this tragic event, which generates division of opinions.

Finito and Keroseno lost their mother when they were 13 years old in a way in which “many doubts and things remain to be asked,” said Kerosene. For his part, Finito revealed that he had taken the role of pulling his brother and that for a long time he endured expressing his emotions, becoming entrenched in this process.

“We ran away. Then my father came and I started to be angry and feel guilty. It hurt me a lot that years later they gave me the farewell letter she left and it didn’t mention me. because she was angry with me. It hurt me that he had left thinking that I was the bad guy,” Finito recalls through tears about what happened. “In my house the subject was not talked about until one day we were in bed and I said to my brother: ‘Don’t you Do you miss mom? Because I do’. That was the only question we answered,” Kerosene said while Finito revealed the object of his mother that he always carries with him.

Kerosene also remembered when he experienced the process with his identity. and he would break down saying that he had missed his mother. “Just one day watching ‘Big Brother’ a contestant named Amor came in and my mother said ‘Look, this is what Pablo will be like one day’. For me she was my best friend, my confidant,” he said excitedly.

Of that event that changed their livesFinite and Kerosene drew a conclusion that they will always carry as their flag. Her mother asked them to always have each other and accompany each other. They are clear that with each other, until the end of the world.


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