Fire at the El Relincho ranch and the radars

2023-09-29 03:25:00

Juan Carlos Malgesini, DAYS 4,673,429
Port of San Antonio Este

As it is nothing less than the radars that the English installed in Tierra del Fuego – in my Homeland – this newspaper has published several letters of my authorship on the matter. By telephone, in dribs and drabs, the authorities of Tierras del Fuego provide information.

What there is no doubt is that the representative Caparros of that province, her secretary and her lawyer formed the company Leolabs SRL and registered it in Usuahia, so that it could be installed with the radars in the El Relincho ranch km 2,946, town of Tolhuin

Last Sunday at 10 p.m. the police informed me that “someone” notified the firefighters that there was a large fire in what was the old town of El Relincho. They had to break the lock to get in with the firefighters and only one cabin was saved. I was not informed of the name of the owner, who would be in Río Grande. Yes, I was told that in the vicinity, without any guard, there are radars. They do not know who is responsible for the devices, which would be operating by remote control. Both the mayor of Tolhuin and his officials are always “busy” and cannot answer the phone. I was only informed that the municipality did not authorize the installation of radars. The authorities would be withholding information about this serious fact that affects our sovereignty. That’s how it goes for us. Sergio Massa allows Lewis to settle in the lakes of Chubut. The defense minister should have intervened. The National Gendarmerie, which has personnel in Tolhuin, did not act either, otherwise the fire would not have occurred. Not only the radars, the country gives the impression of being operated by remote control.

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