“Fire Sampeng” expensive lesson, speed up “Electricity”, bring wires to the ground

On June 26, 65 from the fire incident at Sampeng Market It took officers more than three hours to bring the fire under control. resulting in commercial buildings 4 floors damaged, all 6 booths, a shop selling materials, paper bags that are plastic and a gift shop And there were 2 dead, namely Ms. Jirapat Summak, 52, a cashier at Rajawongse Packaging, and Mr. Petch Duam, 35, a worker at Rajawongse Rung Ruang Packaging Shop, who escaped in time.

Today, Mr. Chatchart Sitthiphan, Governor of Bangkok Go to the area to inspect the scene of the accident as well. and encouraging the shop at the scene of the fire ready to express condolences to the family of the deceased and tell the reason that was noted that Why didn’t you go to the area in the first place? It is not necessary to go into every area where the incident occurred. because it will obstruct the work of the staff which while extinguishing fires is not their own direct duty But they have called the officials to monitor the progress on their own. which was sent to the advisor to the Bangkok Governor to closely monitor the situation But when the fire was finished, he had to come. because it will be the duty of the BMA directly to take action to prevent problems

By Mr. Chatchat said that people in the area reflected that the main cause of the fire. caused by a defective transformer until it explodes outside as well as having a large number of communication lines and has a lot of fuel to spread quickly

which initially reported that Six booths were damaged in the building, one of which was found to have collapsed on the second floor. And it was reported that 2 people died and 9 firefighters were injured. In addition, it was found that 3 cars and a motorcycle were damaged, requiring further investigation to determine the exact cause. Because power lines normally do not self-ignite, but it is accepted that power and communication cables are an obstacle to the authorities’ control of the fire. In the next week there will be a discussion with the Metropolitan Electricity Authority. and the owner of the cable media company to find solutions to security together and expedite the project to bring power cables and communication cables underground as quickly as possible

And the building owner must check the various electrical appliances in the building. Because a building at risk is a building with a lot of fuel inside. intensify Therefore, I want you to help take care of your inner self as well.

Mr. Chatchat also admitted that This incident is an expensive lesson that must be improved in order not to repeat the incident. especially the Metropolitan Electricity Authority, which is directly responsible and believe that it has the potential to take care of people’s lives The BMA will expedite the district office to explore additional risk areas as well. May use traffey fondue as a notification as well. If people find a risk point, they can report it to the district office.

However, Mr. Chatchart also said that in the future, it may be necessary to consider adjusting the building control law because at present, the amount of fuel in the building has not yet been determined. which considers that it has to start from itself first Survey the risks in the area first. and there will be more intense consideration of regulations As for the buildings, Must be a hand-held fire extinguisher. and equipment inside the building that should be there for protection

As for the case of two fires within a week, will it cause a loss of morale in the work or not? and will do the best The guidelines for helping building owners deceased injured and those affected this time Must discuss with the relevant legal authorities on what matters can be assisted.

And after the officers brought the deceased to the police hospital. and all the fires were under control. Electricity officials have also cut off all communication cables in front of the accident site.

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