“First Lady’s Controversial Lobbying Meeting on Health Reform: Insights and Analysis”

2023-04-19 02:03:45

A few hours after the Seventh Committee of the House of Representatives adjourned the session in which the controversial health reform was discussed, the first lady Verónica Alcocer came to this legislative cell to hold a meeting with different political actors.

The arrival of the wife of President Gustavo Petro has generated controversy from some sectors, because they argue that the first lady came to lobby and thus try to remove from “intensive care” the article that does not have the support of conservatives or the of those of the U

So far it has been known that behind closed doors he has met with the Ministers of the Interior, Alfonso Prada, and with Carolina Corcho, of Health, in addition to the president of the Seventh Commission of the House of Representatives, Agmeth Escaf.

session adjourned

Precisely on the afternoon of this Tuesday, the debate on the health reform began in this legislative cell, but a proposal caused the session to be adjourned to first resolve the challenges and the negative reports of the Democratic Center and Radical Change.

At the same time, today it was confirmed that the conservative awnings and the U will not definitively accompany the document, because, they argue, the National Government did not take into account the thick lines and the objections that they made to the document.

“The benches of the Conservative Party and La U are aware of the need for a health reform that saves lives, focused on the user and the well-being of Colombians,” said the benches of Dilian Francisca Toro and Efraín Cepeda.

In the same sense is the Liberal Party, headed by former President César Gaviria. The leader of ‘the reds’ does not want to support the article either because, according to what he says, the High Government did not take his recommendations into account either and affirms that a health system would be built from scratch without taking into account the advances in 30 years.

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