“Fita 2023”: A path for new partnerships between Tunisia and Africa

2023-08-30 09:53:46

This 6e edition will be an opportunity to strengthen the positioning of Tunisia as a gateway to Africa and will highlight pan-African complementarity as well as South-South cooperation in the service of continental development.

The «Tunisia Africa Business Council» (Tabc) just organized a press conference yesterday to unveil the outline of the 6e edition of the international congress «Financing Investment & Trade in Africa», (Fita 2023), which will be held on September 20 and 21, 2023 in Tunis, on the theme: “Africa in the face of the global crisis and the role of the private sector in achieving permanent and massive economic transformation”.

Tunisia, a land of welcome

On this occasion, the president of Tabc, Anis Jaziri, indicated that this edition represents a major challenge for the NGO, given that it will be held in a difficult economic context, marked by the advent of strong geopolitical and economic uncertainties. persistent. It is also a major challenge because this edition targets the aspects relating to financing, investment and trade, which will pave the way for fruitful partnerships between Tunisia and African countries.

“Certainly, the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and the risk of war in the Sahel region will have negative repercussions on Tunisia and all of Africa. Faced with this worrying situation which spares no country on an international scale, the organization of this 6e edition represents, for us, a real challenge to put Africa at the heart of the concerns of Tunisia and its government, and to further consolidate the Tunisian-African economic and social relations”he pointed out.

To do this, several strategic themes of current African events will be addressed during this congress, including financing, «private equity»climate and sustainable development, digital transformation, infrastructure, inter-African trade and regional integration…

According to the president of Tabc, “The event will also be an opportunity to send a strong positive message to the international community, and especially the African community, to tell them that Tunisia is and will remain a land of welcome, opportunities, investment…”.

France, guest of honor

On another level, Anis Jaziri indicated that the figures are always reassuring given that on August 28, more than 60 countries and no less than 3,000 participants, including 775 business leaders, will take part in this 6e edition which will also record the organization of more than 2,000 BtoB and BtoG meetings.

This, in addition to the presence of a large number of ministers from several countries (Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Libya, etc.), 80 speakers from different continents and African and international donors (African Development Bank, Africa Zanzibar , Africa Finance Corporation, World Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, etc.).

Anis Jaziri also announced that for this new edition, France will be the guest of honor. In this regard, a large French delegation will be present at this forum to discuss energy and the energy transition in Africa, the objective of which is to offer Tunisian and African universities and companies the opportunity to develop innovative solutions for a real energy and ecological transition.

To do this, a financing program for Tunisian private companies will be set up so that they can acquire equipment for this decarbonization project and make this energy transition a reality.

Africa, an open continent

For her part, Nadia Yaiche, member of the executive board of “Tabc”, drew attention to three important points. First of all, Tunisian companies that want to enter the African market. At this level, she did not fail to recall that “Fita” will be a door that allows any Tunisian investor to understand the prerequisites for entering this market. The event will therefore be an opportunity for the various investors to discover new markets, new cultures, new spirits, etc., through the exchanges that will take place.

The second aspect mentioned by Yaiche concerned people who wanted to move towards the African market and who are still looking to sell their services or products, the “Fita” represents an opportunity to boost the sales force of these companies, either through BtoB meetings or the relationships that could be established with donors who intend to invest or who have projects in progress.

Regarding the third point, it relates to financing (whether for a start-up or for a company), Yaiche indicated that this last point represents one of the major problems for the Tunisian investor.

“The African continent is open to everyone to join hands with any serious investor who wants to carry out projects within the framework of the common interests of the various countries concerned… The geopolitical change that we are experiencing on the continent n is only an opportunity for Tunisia… Culturally, we are close and technically, we are competent… We therefore have the ability to provide our support to contribute to the development of the country and the whole continent»she said.

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