flights connecting Spain to Geneva and London canceled

EasyJet canceled four international flights from Spain to Geneva and London on Sunday, unions said. Iberia Express, the low-cost subsidiary of the Spanish company Iberia, has canceled eight domestic flights.

The cancellations of Iberia Express flights come at the start of a ten-day strike by its cabin crew to obtain wage increases in the midst of inflation.

At midday, eight flights had been canceled concerning around 1,500 passengers, but no delays were recorded, assured in a press release the USO union, at the origin of the mobilization with the SITCPLA.

The management of the low-cost airline confirmed these cancellations, claiming to have redirected 84% of the travelers concerned to other flights. The others were reimbursed or received vouchers.

Nearly 100 cancellations planned

The strike, scheduled until September 6, should result in a total of 92 flight cancellations, affecting more than 17,000 passengers, according to a USO representative. According to Iberia Express, 24 domestic flights will be canceled in the first three days of the movement alone. Iberia Express connects Madrid to around 40 European cities.

Since the first three-day strike on August 12 by EasyJet pilots, a total of 79 flights have been canceled. The pilots are demanding a return to the working conditions they enjoyed before the Covid-19 pandemic and the resumption of talks on a new collective agreement.

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