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Flippin Misfits: New Behavior Game Releases Tomorrow

by archyde

Behavior Interactive’s new game, flippin Misfits, promises crazy brawls where players can control gravity.

Images courtesy of Behavior Interactive

Flippin Misfits is a new fighting game with a rather original concept. We can find 2 to 4 players in an arena where it is possible to defy the laws of gravity and fight from all angles. The action takes place aboard the Arkade, a stolen ship that the little Flippin Misfits have turned into a playground. This is where the gravity-defying brawls take place.

Un gameplay original

Small characters use their Blazarpacks to influence the gravitational field of the ship and use all possible surfaces (floor, ceiling and walls) to hone their combat skills. This means that the fight happens 360 degrees and enemy attacks can come from anywhere. The notions of bottom and top fly away quickly when you have control of gravity.

To add to the chaos, players begin the match by choosing a mod from a random selection of 35 mods. These mods affect movement and combat, creating a whirlwind of action that’s different every game.

After a loss, players respawn instantly, keeping them in the heat of the action. The games are of a very short duration which allows you to play several games in a row or to play when you have little time.


An interesting look

The art direction of Flippin Misfits also adds to its unique appeal. The game is filled with graffiti in fluorescent colors and lively music accompanies the fights. Players will be able to choose from five different-looking Flippin Misfits and play in six different arenas located inside and outside the ship. Some arenas feature, for example, lava pools, fire thrusters, mines and more.

Flippin Misfits will be available tomorrow on Steam for the low price of CAD$5.99

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