Flood Control and Drought Relief: Updates and Measures for Key Areas in China

2023-08-19 07:53:30

China News Service, Beijing, August 19th (Reporter Chen Su) On the 19th, the State Defense General Office and the Emergency Management Department organized a special video conference on flood control and drought relief, and jointly discussed and judged the rain with the China Meteorological Administration, the Ministry of Water Resources, and the Ministry of Natural Resources. , Flood situation, drought situation, disaster situation, video dispatch Tianjin, Gansu, Sichuan and other provinces, arrange and deploy flood control and drought relief work in key areas.

The meeting emphasized that it is still in the main flood season, and it is necessary to further tighten compaction responsibilities, refine the division of tasks, and do a good job in flood control, drought relief and disaster relief, and ensure the safety of people’s lives in the first place. to the point.

The meeting pointed out that the main stream of the Songhua River in Northeast China has retreated below the warning water level. The embankment of the Haihe River Basin may still be in danger. The management of transferred personnel has gradually increased with time. Local heavy rainfall is scattered and frequent. The drought in Northwest China continues and may develop further, and the situation of flood control and drought relief is still very complicated.

According to the requirements of the consultation, it is necessary to ensure that the responsibility measures for flood prevention are in place, and urge the administrative responsible persons at all levels to be in place, sink to the front line, and command from the front, so as to truly be responsible for guarding the soil, responsible for guarding the soil, and responsible for guarding the soil. It is necessary to continue to do a good job in flood control and drainage in the Haihe River Basin, strengthen inspections and defenses of flood channels and dikes in flood storage and detention areas, strictly prevent major dangers during the receding period, continue to promote waterlogging in waterlogged areas and flood storage and detention areas, and make flood diversion gates in an orderly manner Blocking work. Strictly prevent local heavy rainfall, focus on small and medium-sized river floods, small and medium-sized reservoirs for safe flooding, mountain torrents and geological disasters, and urban waterlogging and other weak links, intensive inspections and emergency response, and strictly implement the responsibility for early warning and response, transfer and avoidance, and emergency rescue and measures, resolutely transfer threatened people from mountain torrent danger areas, geological disaster hidden danger points, riverside low-lying areas, construction sites under construction, etc., and make overall plans for flood control security and production safety in industrial and mining enterprises during the flood season. It is necessary to speed up disaster relief and reconstruction, adopt various means such as on-site verification and satellite remote sensing to quickly and dynamically assess the disaster situation, scientifically determine areas that need key support, urge all localities to make good use of disaster relief funds, do everything possible to speed up the restoration and reconstruction of damaged houses, and ensure that the affected people Being able to return home or move into a new home as quickly as possible. At present, Xinjiang, Gansu and other provinces with severe droughts should further improve their emergency plans for drought relief, strengthen consultations on drought relief and drought statistics, ensure the safety of drinking water for urban and rural residents, and make overall plans for drought relief and disaster reduction. (over)

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