Flooded Dubai: Rivers on the roads, chaos at the airport – 2024-04-19 09:19:34

Torrential rains and heavy storms caused “revelatory” scenes in the Dubai. Shocking video showed the runway at Dubai International Airport – recently crowned the world’s second busiest airport – covered in water and the huge aircrafts have become…submarines.

At Dubai International Airport, hundreds of travelers are crowding to leave their holiday destination as quickly as possible.

The city, intertwined with luxury, is submerged under water. Roads turned into riversDubai airport was flooded, flights were canceled or diverted, with the problems from the unprecedented bad weather one after the other.

Nearly 50 flights to and from Dubai have been canceled with shocking footage showing several planes plowing through water at Dubai International Airport, the busiest for international travel. The water swept everything in its path and passed through luxury malls, while shoppers with designer clothes in hand swam in the water. Winds tossed furniture off balconies while the sky turned black with revealing footage showing lightning strikes every few seconds, the Daily Mail reports.

The Dubai International Airport (DXB) announced today that it is experiencing severe problems due to bad weather, while Emirates Airlines said in a statement that it was suspending check-in for passengers departing from the airport from 8 a.m. today (local time, 07:00 Greek time) until midnight due to operational problems caused by bad weather and road conditions.

The airport announced that flights are delayed or diverted to other airports, while crews are unable to arrive at the airport due to bad weather, reports PAE MEPE. Unstable weather conditions are expected to continue in the region until Wednesday, the country’s National Meteorological Service announced.

Influencer Jordan broadcast live trapped in his flooded Rolls Royce. “Now I’m underwater, like all my crypto friends,” he says, using a phrase used for investors who have lost their money. On other streets that have now turned into rivers, expensive muscle cars and state-of-the-art electric cars are abandoned—their owners left in rescue boats. The waves (!) of the water bring furniture that the wind lifted from the balconies of luxury apartments.

Schools in the seven United Arab Emirates were closed and many employees temporarily worked from home.

Similar images were captured in Bahrain, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

In neighboring Oman, a sultanate on the eastern tip of the Arabian Peninsula, at least 18 people were killed according to the country’s National Emergency Management Committee. This includes about 10 students who were swept away along with a vehicle and one adult.

Newsbeast secured videos from Dubai residents showing flooded shopping malls, metro stations and the international airport turned into the sea.

Source: APE-MPE, newsbeast

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