Florencia Bonsegundo joined the women’s preselection for the World Cup

2023-06-20 21:37:50

The women’s preselection continues with its preparation for the Women’s World Cup in Australia / New Zealand 2023.

This Tuesday the team met again and Florencia Bonsegundo from Cordoba was present, one of the new ones mentioned by the coach Germán Portanova for this new microcycle.

The day began in the Complex 1 gym with an upper train circuit in charge of the physical trainers Franco Caponetto and Osvaldo Conte.

The players then began working on the field of play with the usual passing circuits, which recreate associations and match situations.

Divided into the already classic purple and pink teams, all the players participated in a definition exercise, preceded by one-touch passes to reach the goal. Defense and attack situations with lateral balls were also practiced, in a reduced field, emphasizing the rapid return to one’s own area.

Finally, a soccer block was played in a reduced space. There are still some players from Brazil to join, such as Paulina Gramaglia, as well as those who compete in the local tournament, which ends next weekend.


Women’s soccer preselection (AFA)


Wednesday June 21

09.30 Gym

10.30 Training

Thursday June 22

09.30 Gym

10.30 Training

Friday June 23

09.30 Gym

10.30 Training, last part open to the press

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