FMLN has lost thousands of members in the last five years 2024-04-15 18:05:07

The FMLN, which has accumulated four consecutive electoral defeats, continues to report the massive departure of party members, especially after the results of the last elections where they did not obtain representation in either the Assembly or the municipal governments.

In 2019, the FMLN special electoral commission reported that the party’s registry consisted of 40,326 members, who voted in the internal elections to change the party’s general secretary, Medardo González. In the process, Óscar Ortiz was defined as the person in charge of taking this position.

Five years later, the FMLN has a roster of only 16,000 members, according to official data provided by former presidential candidate Manuel Flores. Flores did not reveal how many militants have left the registry voluntarily or due to an expulsion process initiated by the party.

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