Focusing on keywords such as common prosperity

Original title: Focusing on keywords such as common prosperity

“Zhejiang goods welcome the New Year and share wealth in Zhejiang – 2022 Zhejiang Li Guochao Online New Year Goods Festival” was launched.Photo courtesy of Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce

China News Service, Hangzhou, January 10 (Reporter Huang Hui) The Spring Festival is getting closer and closer. In order to build an online shopping platform for merchants and consumers and provide convenient conditions for people to purchase “2022 Online New Year’s Day” event. As one of the nine major venues in the country, “Zhejiang Goods Welcome the New Year and Share Wealth in Zhejiang – 2022 Zhejiang Goods Guochao Online New Year Goods Festival” was held from January 10th to February 7th.

The reporter learned from the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce that Zhejiang gathered the strength of the whole province to hold an online New Year’s Day event, focusing on common prosperity, “SCO” and other keywords to open four special sessions, including focusing on “Zheli Guochao” and promoting the national tide brand. ; Create “one county, one product” to promote common prosperity; set up a “SCO column” to stimulate consumer demand; hold the “Search for Zhejiang Koi” activity to create a festive atmosphere.

Li Xin, deputy director of the e-commerce department of the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce, introduced that Zhejiang’s online New Year’s Day has a high degree of participation. The three-level linkage of provinces, cities and counties, major e-commerce platforms and enterprises are actively carrying out promotional activities, and hundreds of e-commerce platforms have participated. home, involving thousands of brands and tens of thousands of categories.

At present, Zhejiang is on the road of high-quality development and construction of a demonstration zone for common prosperity. The province’s online New Year’s Festival also focuses on this, making efforts to promote common prosperity. According to reports, the Zhejiang Online New Year Festival combines geographical, cultural and industrial factors in 26 mountainous counties to explore regional products with local characteristics, and set up a column of “one county, one product” on key e-commerce platforms to carry out precise publicity, promotion and marketing. At the same time, the province has also built a brand of new year goods in mountainous areas, and empowered the new year goods brand through the form of “government + short video live broadcast + media” to enhance consumers’ understanding of the humanistic knowledge of the 26 mountainous counties in Zhejiang Province. Building blocks for development.

Li Xin said that the opening of the “Shanghai Cooperation Organization National Characteristic Commodities E-commerce Live Broadcasting” column on the e-commerce platform is another major innovation of the Zhejiang Online New Year’s Day event. Some ambassadors will be invited into the live broadcast room to record oral videos to enhance consumers The awareness of the “SCO” helps consumers to buy all the featured products of the “SCO” without leaving home, and expand the influence of the event.

It is reported that the province will also give full play to the natural advantages of Yiwu’s developed market procurement trade system and the global supply chain network, and hold a special event of “Yiqi New Year Live Broadcasting – 2022 Chinagoods SCO National Characteristic Imported Commodities Live Broadcast”. The first shot of a series of live events.

Zhejiang will also organize and carry out the “Search for Zhejiang Koi” activity across the province, and select the top 10 Chinese New Year goods that people cannot miss during the New Year through voting and quizzes, and guide people to actively participate in online New Year goods festival activities to create a strong festive atmosphere.

In addition, from the beginning of January to the end of the lunar calendar, Zhejiang will carry out various promotional games such as consumer coupons, red envelopes, live broadcast benefits, full discounts, limited-time instant kills, crazy big turntables, and New Year’s gift packages to guide people in the province to actively participate. Online New Year’s Day event, you can buy safe, affordable and quality-assured products without leaving home.

At present, according to preliminary statistics, combined with the local New Year’s consumption coupons issued by various places during the Spring Festival, the cumulative amount of Zhejiang’s consumption coupons has exceeded 100 million yuan (RMB, the same below). For example, Huzhou Wuxing will issue 30 million yuan worth of “staying in Wu warmhearted coupons”; Shaoxing will distribute 85 million yuan of “Yuewei Food” consumer coupons through the Yueniu official APP in different periods; Kuaishou will distribute 1 billion yuan during the New Year’s Day. subsidy. (Finish)Return to Sohu to see more


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