Football News: Pumas vs. Tigres and Upcoming Final Matchups

2023-12-11 04:49:12

Even though the Pumas They achieved the goal they needed before 20 minutes of play, in the end they only completed the procedure of going to the University and play the semi-final back against the Tigers.

The Monterrey team returns to another final in its history and is 180 minutes or a little more away from becoming another two-time national football champion, but in front of them they will have America.

The scores of the match between Tigers y Pumas were Gabriel Fernandez at minute 16, but at minute 24 Juan Pablo Vigón scored the equalizer and without further movement in the goals the game ended.

The picture of the UNAM He tried for several minutes, especially in the first half, but in the end, no matter how many forwards Antonio Mohamed put in, he couldn’t hurt the northerners.

Fernando Guerrerothe central referee, did not give more time after 95 minutes and the Pumas finished with one less man after the expulsion of Pablo Bennevendo al 78′.

The first leg final will be played on Thursday and the second leg on Sunday at the Aztec stadiumwaiting for the Tigers lift their eighth title and the Águilas their fourteenth and can move further away from the Chivas.

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