Rangsit flood Still swelled at some points, detained 40 cm. urged to pump down the Chao Phraya

“Rangsit Flood”, Pathum Thani Province, still in crisis, rushing to pump water out of Chao Phraya Reduce the impact on communities along the canals After some points, the water is 40 cm high, ready to provide a shuttle bus to solve the problem of water stagnating in the alley, while “Jisda” reports 1.6 million rai of flooding nationwide.

Progress on the flood situation in Pathum Thani province after the amount of water in the Rangsit Canal increased to 1.80 meters until the Rangsit Municipality Put up a red flag to alert the public

Today (9 September 2022), reporters reported that Soldiers along with Rangsit Municipality officials help fill the sand to distribute to the people of the Saphan Daeng community who suffered from flooding, including preparing to build a water barrier along the canal The water will then be pumped out of the traffic surface to alleviate the suffering of people in the area.

Lt. Gen. Kamronwit Thoopkrachang, the president of the Pathum Thani Provincial Administrative Organization. Went to the area closely following the situation, said 14 of the 20 pumps are now in use. If there is no additional rain, it is expected that water can be diverted into the Chao Phraya River better.

The water situation has receded slightly. but recommend a motorcycle small car avoid taking the route Because some water is higher than 40 cm, the risk of damage to the engine. and dangerous to the driver

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The water in the canal is very stagnant – the alley is stagnant.

The mayor of Rangsit said that because of the amount of water in the canal too much to handle therefore had to raise a red flag including along the alleys The water level is higher than the path along the canal. because many alleys are low-lying areas As for government offices such as hospitals and schools, they have already prepared a protective line.

The public advises to move vehicles to park at a high place. which are prepared for 3 places, namely the 100th Anniversary Auditorium Building, Dome Soi Rangsit-Nakhon Nayok 30 and the tollway entrance Just found that some people have parked their vehicles on the tolls already.

Arrange a shuttle bus to help the villagers reduce the flooding by 10-15 cm.

Pol Lt. Gen. Khamronwit said that officials have plans to support the evacuation of people from the area. If the water situation is critical They can stay overnight in a temporary shelter provided. using the area of ​​all 5 schools in Rangsit Municipality as a flood shelter

Communities around the Red Bridge Rangsit There are more than 10,000 households, including people living in condominiums and housing, most of them are still at home rather than in shelters.

In addition, the staff help by organizing a six-wheeled vehicle of the Army, including a volunteer off-road group. Bring the car to the service to transport people in and out of the area.

While the flood situation in the Red Bridge Rangsit area It was found that the flooded water on the traffic surface along the Rangsit Canal decreased by more than 10-15 cm. And the journey will still be quite difficult.

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Saipanya Rangsit School is closed for 1 day.

In addition, Saipanya Rangsit School Issued a statement to close the school as a special case for 1 day (Sept. 9) after heavy rains increased the risk of flooding. and ask for the cooperation of parents to supervise students Teachers and educational personnel continuously follow the information announced by the school.

“Jisda” reports flooding across the country 1.6 million rai.

GISTDA used the Radarsat-2 and Sentinel-1 satellites on Sept. 7. Found a flooded area of ​​1,655,983 rai in many areas of important watersheds that are distributed in almost every region of the country, such as the North Mekong Basin. Northeastern Mekong Basin, Chi River Basin, Mun River Basin, Ping River Basin, Wang River Basin, Yom River Basin, Nan River Basin, Chao Phraya River Basin Sakae Krang Basin Bang Pakong Basin Tha Chin River Basin Mae Klong River Basin Phetchaburi River Basin Prachuap Khiri Khan and the West Coast Basin while 711,235 rai of rice fields were affected.

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