Trump sues CNN for defamation Claims for damages of 17,898 million baht.

“Trump” Former President of the United States Filed a lawsuit against CNN for defamation and slander. Ready to claim damages of 17,898 million baht. Today (4 Oct. 2525) foreign news agencies reported that Mr. Donald Trump, former president of the United States. File a lawsuit against CNN in Florida court. Allegations of defamation and slander … Read more

UNICEF condemns attack on school in Myanmar, 11 children dead, 17 injured

UNICEF Condemnation of Myanmar’s military use of helicopters to attack a school in Tabayin 11 children killed, 17 wounded, pointed to untargeted shooting. and 15 more children were reported missing. Today (21 Sept. 2022) UNICEF Confirmed reports of deaths in Myanmar military use of air strike helicopters at a school in Tabayin. in the central … Read more

India releases cheetahs back into the wild More than 70 years after extinction

India has released eight cheetahs donated by the Namibian government back into the wild after more than 70 years of extinction from the country. On September 17, 2022, Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India release the cheetah Come out to the closed care area within the national park. which is far from New Delhi To … Read more

“Treasury” reveals that 9.6 hundred thousand people’s welfare card registration is incomplete.

More than 9.6 lakh state welfare card registrants face the problem of incomplete registration. As TDRI scholars warn, this approach may not be accessible to real low-income earners. Mr. Pornchai Thiravej, Director of the Fiscal Policy Office As a spokesman for the Ministry of Finance said that those registered for the 2022 State Welfare Registration … Read more

Rangsit flood Still swelled at some points, detained 40 cm. urged to pump down the Chao Phraya

“Rangsit Flood”, Pathum Thani Province, still in crisis, rushing to pump water out of Chao Phraya Reduce the impact on communities along the canals After some points, the water is 40 cm high, ready to provide a shuttle bus to solve the problem of water stagnating in the alley, while “Jisda” reports 1.6 million rai … Read more

Krungthep Thanakom proceeds to appeal the debt of the Green Line train 11 billion baht.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Krungthep Thanakom Announcement to proceed with the appeal of the Administrative Court’s order To pay the debt of BTS 11 billion, expedite discussions with “Chatchat”, requesting the court to consider a new case if necessary. Agree to pay debts, but ask to study and negotiate first. After the … Read more