India releases cheetahs back into the wild More than 70 years after extinction

India has released eight cheetahs donated by the Namibian government back into the wild after more than 70 years of extinction from the country.

On September 17, 2022, Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India release the cheetah Come out to the closed care area within the national park. which is far from New Delhi To the south, about 320 kilometers, with each tiger wearing a collar equipped with a satellite tracking system. to study movement And will stay in this closed area for about a month before being released to live independently in the forest.

India’s government has donated eight cheetahs from the Namibian government, three males and five females, officials said. This is the world’s first transcontinental cheetah migration. by having to travel by plane for up to 11 hours

such projects It is one of the Indian government’s efforts to bring cheetahs back to Indian soil. After the extinction of the Asian cheetah found in India Since the year 1952, or 70 years ago, among the concerns of experts that The African cheetah may not be able to adapt to the Indian environment.

Cheetahs are considered one of the endangered species. Currently, only about 7,000 are left in the wild, most of them in Africa.

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