first time! “Bruda Whale Mae Peekae” Science Show 9-19 Nov.

Show “Bruda Mae Cha Ae Whale” through the most complete view project in Thailand, 11 meters long after researching to complete the jigsaw puzzle. To … Read more

First extrasolar planet discovered Outside the Milky Way Galaxy

Excited: Astronomers Discover First ‘Planet’ Outside the Solar System outside the Milky Way galaxy by the Chandra Space Telescope Today (26 Oct. 2021) National Astronomical … Read more

“Suvarnabhumi” gives free parking on long holidays 20-25 Oct.

Suvarnabhumi Airport passenger convenience Receive a long holiday from 20-25 Oct. Allow users to park for free. At the long-term car park, Zone C, by … Read more

Ministry of Public Health to speed up control of covids in 10 provinces with high infections Set a daily goal of not more than 5000 people.

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Public Health has set up 10 provinces to monitor the high levels of Covid-19 infections, to speed up support … Read more

“The Royal College of Chulabhorn” reveals side effects of Sino Farm injection, severe symptoms, 12 deaths, 13 people

Chulabhorn Royal College More than 8.2 million doses of Sinofarm vaccination were reported, with 12 serious adverse reactions and 13 deaths reported. On September 24, … Read more

Unlock “HIV Self Test Kit” sold in pharmacies at the end of this August.

Department of Disease Control unlocks “Self-testing HIV kits” to be sold in pharmacies across the country at the end of August after the FDA has … Read more

8 new clusters Handicap Protection Center, Phra Pradaeng District, 30 infected

Prof. reported today (14 August) found 8 new clusters in 7 provinces. Bangkok has infected the most 5,088 people, with a total of 23,192,491 doses … Read more