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Original title: Football of the day: Inter Milan vs Bayern Munich Atletico Madrid vs Porto

What’s going on at Inter Milan:Inter Milan lost 2-3 away to AC Milan in the last round of the league, which had an impact on the team’s state. The team also lost points 1-3 away from Lazio in the five rounds of the league in the new season. However, the team’s main force, Lautaro, scored 3 goals in the new season with a good performance. The team has as many as 4 records in the second half of the 5 league rounds this season. The stamina is very strong. The team is in the league. So far, the total number of goals is more than 3 goals, and the way of playing is quite unrestrained. However, Lukaku, the main player of the team, is still unable to play. The team has poor ability to turn around. The game that conceded the first goal for the first time in the season finally lost points. The team has lost the goal 4 times in the past 5 league rounds. 6 goals, the defensive line stability is average.

Current status of Bayern Munich:Bayern introduced Mane in the new season, and De Ligt was also introduced on the defensive line. The team’s main player, Musheira, attended 5 games and scored 4 goals, Gnabry scored 3 goals, and the team’s new aid to Mane. The tournament also scored 4 goals and integrated into the team quickly. At the same time, the team scored as many as 15 goals in the first half of the 22 main goals scored this season. The team scored twice against Bayern last season. Good results, and Zanu has a great advantage psychologically. However, it should be noted that many players in the team are absent, including Sarr and Gretzka who are unable to play.

This game: There is still a certain gap in the overall strength of the two sides. Bayern achieved good results in the battle between the two sides and has a great psychological advantage. This time, I gave Bayern a good support. I personally think that Bayern has a better chance of winning.

Atletico Madrid vs Porto

Atlético de Madrid status:Atletico Madrid’s performance last season was good, and the league was in general condition, allowing them to stay in fourth place for most of the time, while the Copa del Rey and the Champions League stopped in the quarter-finals. But the good news is that this summer Atletico Madrid made a lot of reinforcements without much change in the overall lineup, introducing Molina, borrowing Reguilon from Tottenham, and Belgian Witsel. Improve the lineup. In the new season, the team’s performance is quite satisfactory. So far, the team has achieved a record of 2 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss in 4 rounds of the league. It is in the middle and upper reaches. In the latest game, they drew 1-1 with Real Sociedad. The team’s main players Morata, Griezmann shoulders the heavy responsibility of scoring goals and has scored 5 goals for the team. He has scored in a row against Porto in the past 4 times and won 3 games, which is a psychological advantage. However, it should be noted that the team’s defensive performance is generally average. In the past 4 games, 2 were kicked into goal by the opponent, and some players in the team were absent, including Savic, Felipe, Oblak, Reguilon Can’t appear.

Porto status:Porto won the league title last season and qualified for the UEFA Champions League. The team has scored 12 goals in the first 5 rounds of Portugal. The state is not bad. At the same time, the seven pairs have been in excellent form recently. In the past 10 games, 9 games have scored more than 2 goals. In the past 5 games, 4 games have been able to establish an advantage in the first half and enter the state quickly. However, he only scored 4 goals in the Champions League group stage last season. In order to prevent the team from falling into the Europa League last season, it has a strong scoring intention this time. Fortunately, the team’s defensive performance on the road is remarkable. In the past 5 away games, 4 games have been kept clean, and the away attack is still stable. The team has scored in 9 games in the past 10 away games.

This game: There is not much difference in the overall strength of the two sides. In the past 4 games between the two sides, Atletico Madrid have scored 3 wins and 1 draw in a row, and they have a great psychological advantage. It has weakened, and its confidence is not sufficient. I personally think that Atletico Madrid has a better chance of at least one point.Return to Sohu, see more

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