For adults only.. The most insolent hot scene in the history of modern Egyptian cinema.. A scene by the artist Laila Elwi with a famous artist. Because of her beauty, it turns into real cohabitation, and the director intervenes to stop filming

After showing one of the most powerful films in the Egyptian cinema, by the artist, Laila Elwi, a large group of followers demanded that he stop the show because of the bold scenes.

What this film contains is that it is a movie with the love of cinema for the artist, starring the actress Laila Elwi and Mahmoud Hamidah.

The scene that brought together Mahmoud Hamida and Laila Elwi was one of the most daring scenes in the Egyptian cinema, as the scene was in the bedroom and the acting turned into reality.

After several shots of their hot sex, which made the director, photographers, and crew amazed at what they saw in front of them, as Lily Alawi was wearing a black shirt that was highly exposed in terms of the chest and shoulders.

And circulated several very large criticisms because of this film, which when it was shown, the world, men and Christian lawyers demanded that this film be stopped because it exposed the Christian religion from their point of view because of the ridicule that occurred within the film

Al-Khaleej website now refrains from publishing the scene out of respect and appreciation for the honorable followers.

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