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forbidden love
Title of the play: “Futu Yuan”
Director: Wu Qiang
Screenwriters: Li Jingling (Script Director), Xiao Ouling, Zhang Xu
Cast: Wang Hedi, Chen Yuqi, Peter Ho, Zeng Li
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Suspense
Number of episodes: 36 episodes

The plot tells the love story between an impostor “fake eunuch” and a court lady forced to be buried. Xiao Duo (played by Wang Hedi) bears the burden of humiliation and ascends to power, just to catch the murderer and avenge his younger brother. Seemingly ruthless, she let go of her hatred and was redeemed after meeting Buyinlou (played by Chen Yuqi); Buyinlou was used by her parents and persecuted by the new emperor. In order to seek true love, she bravely broke through the shackles of feudal imperial power. Clever and chivalrous, with his own koi, he healed the trauma after meeting Xiao Duo, and gained courage…

Zeng Li and Wang Hedi played the forbidden love affair of the queen seducing the eunuch, completely reversing their previous screen images, while Peter Ho played the emperor who was gradually distorted by power.

Fake eunuch fell in love with imperial concubine

Chinese popular actor Wang Hedi and Chen Yuqi starred in the new costume drama “Futuyuan”, telling the story of the fake eunuch “Xiao Duo” and the former emperor’s talent “Buyinlou” bravely resisting fate and feudal ethics and supporting each other.

Wang Hedi plays the role of Xiao Duo, the governor in power who is under one person and above ten thousand people, and his partner Chen Yuqi in “The Romance of Time and Space”. He accidentally rescues the concubine Bu Yinlou (played by Chen Yuqi) who was almost buried with the emperor. relation. In the first episode, Wang Hedi personally helped Chen Yuqi to comb her hair, and even put her face to face to adjust her skirt. The next second, he hooked the woman’s chin and personally applied medicine to her neck. Fans of the drama called Wang Hedi too flirtatious, which made netizens itch to watch, but the domineering movements were threatening.

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Chen Yuqi plays the talented “Buyinlou” who should have been buried in the palace.

Zeng Li, who played Zhao Lusi’s mother in “Bright Stars”, played the role of “Queen Rong’an” this time, coveting Wang Hedi’s beauty. She asked Wang Hedi to comb her hair, deliberately ate the other party’s tofu and stroked her little hands, and then pretended to be cold and asked Wang Hedi to help her. She is “warm and warm”, but in fact Wang Hedi also deliberately took advantage of the queen’s affection for him. After that, the two turned their faces and started a battle for the top position. Strong and scheming, the dangerous push and pull makes people nervous to watch.

He Rundong’s role is also quite important. He plays the role of “Fu Wang” who has a crush on Chen Yuqi. In fact, it is thanks to him that the woman was saved from being buried with him. However, he is cowardly by nature, but unexpectedly became the emperor. Netizens praised his acting skills as “proper” , fully interpreting a cowardly, incompetent but scheming character. In the previous live broadcast, Wang Hedi also talked about interesting things about cooperating with Peter Ho. When they met for the first time, Peter Ho invited him to eat steak and drink red wine at home, but Wang Hedi passed out drunk at his house.

Wang Hedi plays the fake eunuch “Xiao Duo”, which is quite a test of acting skills.

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