Force majeure notice to Pakistan by Chinese company working on Dasu project – Business & Economy

Almost two weeks after the terrorist attack on Chinese engineers in Shangla, the Chinese company working on the Dasu Hydropower Project has issued a ‘force majeure’ notice to Pakistan.

This notice is a big blow for Pakistan.

A force majeure notice is usually issued after a natural disaster and means that an event has occurred that was beyond the control of the contracting parties and has resulted in the work not being completed or not being completed on time. The party concerned cannot be held responsible.

On March 26, a suicide bomber rammed a convoy of Chinese engineers traveling from Islamabad to Dasu, killing five Chinese engineers and their Pakistani driver.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry demanded a comprehensive investigation from Pakistan and punishment of those responsible for the attack, besides ensuring the security of Chinese citizens.

The Chinese company is laying a 765 kV transmission line. Sources say the project is already behind the World Bank deadline and the new notice may increase its cost.

Following the Chinese company’s notice, Daso’s chief engineer has sought guidance from NTDC’s chief law officer.

He said that the Chinese company says that the work has been affected after the attack, which may further slow down and may even be suspended.