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The relationship between husband and wife is a bond of trust but the American man’s wife has tried to take advantage of this relationship, for which she has now gone behind the bars.

What happened was that the American woman Melody Felicano Johnson was accused of killing her husband by poisoning her tea, while according to her husband, she also caught her red-handed.

Husband Robbie is a US Air Force officer, who had hidden cameras installed in his home, revealing the coffee/tea that turns him into a wife. It also contains dangerous chemical bleach.

On the other hand, in the presence of all the evidence, Melody’s wife has confessed to her petty crimes. According to court documents, Melody’s husband, Robbie, suspected the wife of wanting to kill him and then take advantage of his monetary benefits.

By the time she started giving her husband bleached coffee, they were divorced and had a child together.

Although Ruby had learned that bleach had been added to the coffee, he tried to pretend to the wife that he did not know about it.

According to the documents, the husband became suspicious of his wife for the first time in 2023, when the wife herself gave the husband coffee, which also seemed to taste strange.

After which the husband decided to install a camera in the house and started collecting the entire situation as evidence, but the evidence was declared insufficient by the police in July 2023.

However, a security camera installed on the other side managed to show the police what the police called insufficient evidence.

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