Bhakari thi na pagal, new revelations in the Millat Express tragedy – Pakistan

The facts related to the girl Maryam who died after falling from the Millat Express have come to light. Maryam was going from Karachi to Punjab with her brother’s children.

About Maryam, who allegedly fell off the Millat Express, private TV reported that according to neighbors, Maryam was mentally healthy.

After the video went viral on social media, it was being said about Maryam that the woman’s mental balance is not right.

However, according to the private TV channel Geo News, the neighbors say that Maryam’s claim of mental instability is false.

According to the FIR, the policeman was mistreating the woman, beating her repeatedly and finally pushing Maryam from a moving train after taking money and cash.

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2024-04-18 03:33:43

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