Nature and youth concerned about SV’s environmental profile after Kaski’s departure

– We are concerned about SV’s environmental profile now that Kaski is leaving. It has been uncertain recently, but now we are afraid SV will cease to be an environmental party, says Gytis Blazevicius, who is the head of the youth organisation, to Aftenposten.

On Monday, it became clear that Kaski, who has a background in the environmental movement and is a former party secretary in SV, is withdrawing from politics.

Natur og Ungdom believes that the SV leadership is systematically deprioritizing climate and the environment in favor of other issues, which Blazevicius fears will worsen after Kaski’s departure.

He points to the passage of state budgets as the clearest sign that the party is deprioritizing climate issues.

Aftenposten has asked party leader Kirsti Bergstø to respond to the criticism of the party leadership, which she has not done. Instead, Kaski himself is sent to answer.

– There is not one person in the management or the Storting group who will carry SV’s entire environmental profile. But when the implementation of the budget is criticised, it is natural that I respond, says Kaski, who is a member of the finance committee at the Storting.

She points out that SV will not stop being an environmental party, and does not agree that SV has received little reward for climate measures in the budget negotiations.

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2024-04-18 03:35:50

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