Civic pressure against Støre to speed up support for Ukraine

– The government has increased military support in the past. Now it has to do it again. The most important thing for Norway’s security is that Ukraine wins, says Conservative leader Erna Solberg Today’s business (DN).

Høyre, Venstre, Frp and KrF have proposed that the military part of the five-year Nansen program be accelerated in connection with the revised national budget in May.

According to DN, both Solberg, KrF leader Olaug Bollestad and Venstre’s Ola Elvestuen agree that aid to Ukraine should not be limited by the action rule, which determines how much of the oil fund can be used from year to year.

– Ukraine needs more help now. Then we must speed up the support now, says Bollestad.

The Liberals, Conservatives and FRP have also come to an agreement that the military support must not only be accelerated, but that the sum of NOK 75 billion must be increased.

– It is difficult at the front now, both due to the lack of ammunition and air defense. Therefore, it is crucial to step up the support, adds Elvestuen.

The Prime Minister tells DN that it is relevant to increase the use of money from the Nansen program this year as well, but he will not answer how much the support will increase.

– There is an urgent need here and now for more military support and material. The government has already accelerated funds in the Nansen programme, which we did in 2023, says Støre.

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2024-04-18 03:36:34

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