Foreign Ministry reveals on Twitter the 751 sheets of documents about the general

He United States Department of Justice delivered to government of Mexico a file of more than 700 pages on the case of the General Salvador Cienfuegos Zepeda, based on screenshots of conversations between the leader of the Beltrán Leyva cartel, Juan Francisco Patrón Sánchez, “H2” and Daniel Isaac Silva Garate, “H9”, which supposedly refer to the former head of Sedena.

According to the acting administrator of the DEA, Timothy J. Shea, who sent the document to the chancery, Cienfuegos Zepeda was known as “Godfather” and “Zepeda” and he exchanged messages with Silva Garate, who was killed by the Navy days after Patron Sánchez suffered the same fate in Nayarit.

The Justice Department assured that General Salvador Cienfuegos Zepeda, Secretary of National Defense in the six-year term of former president Enrique Peña Nieto, was never the central target of a DEA drug agency investigation.

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He explained that the anti-drug agency discovered information that reflected the general’s criminal activity during the course of an investigation of some retail heroin distributors that operate in Las Vegas, Nevada, and that were supposedly supplied by Juan Francisco Patrón Sánchez, “El H”, settled in Nayarit.

“In this research, the give It never directly targeted any official of the Mexican government, nor was it monitoring or investigating the activities of Cienfuegos Zepeda, within the national territory, nor did it influence the decision to travel by Cienfuegos Zepeda to the United States, the latter being what led to his arrest “

It indicated that the investigations were based on electronic communications intercepted from devices used by distributors in Las Vegas, previously authorized by a United States federal court.

The Department of Justice pointed out that in 2015 the DEA established that there were some links between Juan Francisco Patron Sánchez, “El H2” and the investigation they were carrying out.

He pointed out that the objective of the investigation was Daniel Isaac Silva Garate, “H9”, who was intervened with communications devices and applications that the subject used to communicate with Patron Sánchez “about a person, who was later identified as the then Secretary of National Defense, General Cienfuegos Zepeda ”.

“The DEA did not investigate Cienfuegos Zepeda as a primary target and did not directly intercept his communications. He was charged as a co-conspirator after being personally identified in the intercepted evidence that was developed against Silva Garate and Patron Sánchez, ”explained the acting administrator of the DEA, Timothy J. Shea.

And he added: “The evidence on Patron Sánchez included references to Cienfuegos Zepeda as” Godfather “and” Zepeda “and consisted of screenshots of messages that Cienfuegos Zepeda exchanged with Silva Garate. The evidence also included screenshots of communications from Cienfuegos Zepeda about meetings between the DEA and their counterparts in the Mexican government about an investigation that targeted the Patron Sánchez drug trafficking organization. “



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