Former EPAL managers accused of embezzling more than 20 million dollars – news

Those involved, who, according to IGAE, harmed the State by more than 20 million dollars, will soon be presented to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, which also intends to recover the assets and values, in accordance with the law, for procedural processing.

Senior EPAL officials are being accused of having set up a corruption scheme within the framework of the seven thousand home connections program. The names of those allegedly involved were not announced, but, according to the director of Complaints, Complaints and Complaints of the General Inspectorate of State Administration (IGAE), Frederico Jamba Lima, in statements to Rádio Nacional de Angola, yesterday, revealed that More than one million dollars were diverted from this scheme, 18 homes were purchased in two condominiums in Talatona and eight Toyota Land Cruiser vehicles were purchased.

EPAL’s senior officials also benefited from more than 20 million dollars in this corruption scheme. Other monetary values ​​from EPAL, according to Frederico Jamba Lima, were transferred to bank accounts of service companies. According to IGAE, those involved in the corruption scheme are former presidents of the board of directors of the Public Water Company.

“IGAE carried out an inspection of EPAL, which resulted in the discovery of this corruption scheme carried out by former presidents of the boards of directors of the Public Water Company”, said Frederico Jamba Lima, adding that, during the action, the inspection team identified irregularities that violate the precepts of public administration management and the principles that guide the good administration of the management of State assets, such as the conclusion of several contracts with private companies.

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