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2024-01-09 08:07:56

News: Former Yuen Long District Councilor Lam Chin was arrested for conspiracy to defraud and deceive | Yahoo

[Yahoo News Report]It is understood that former Yuen Long District Councilor Lin Jin was arrested by the police this morning (9th) on suspicion of conspiracy to defraud and commit fraud.

“Yahoo News” received news that the Commercial Crime Investigation Bureau took action at nearly 11 o’clock this morning and arrested Lam Jin on Elm Street, Tai Kok Tsui, Mong Kok, involving a case of conspiracy to defraud and defraud between 2021 and 2023. The case is still Under investigation.

The moving company “Peer Moving” posted on Facebook at around 2:00 this afternoon (9th): “The person in charge of our company was arrested by the Hong Kong police this morning”, “Our company’s operations will operate normally”, “Our company, as a company Legitimate companies will definitely assist the police in their investigation.”

According to Wen Wei Po, a newspaper controlled by the Liaison Office of the CPC Central Committee, last Julynews coverage“Peer Moving House” was founded by Lin Jin, saying that the company recruits “brave brothers and sisters” and applied for government funding. The report described the company as “high-profile working with the gangsters and taking government money to rebel against the government.”

Lin Jin is 31 years old. After resigning as a district councilor in 2021, he founded “Peer Moving House”.he had acceptedInterview with “Independent Media”He said that he wanted to “support fellow travelers who are still persevering.” He explained that many of his “fellow travelers” were incarcerated and could not see long-term career development. They most needed flexible work to make a living. Setting up a moving company that hired “siblings” could take care of their needs and look after each other.

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