Emerald Ring Saga: A Multimillion-Yuan Jade Salvage in Foshan, China

2024-01-09 04:59:52
2024-01-09 12:59 United Daily News Mainland Center/Real-time Report

A jeweler in Foshan, Guangdong, accidentally dropped a jade ring said to be worth 12 million yuan (approximately NT$52.2 million) into a smelly ditch downstairs during a live broadcast online. The jeweler not only hired a professional salvage team to dig out the water, but was even rumored to be offering a reward of RMB 2 million. The latest news is that following three days and three nights of salvage, this sky-high price jadeite was finally found around 20:20 on the 8th.

This incident has attracted the attention of the whole Internet in mainland China in the past few days, and the Morning News even described it as “Foshan version of ‘Crazy Stone'”.

According to reports from mainland media such as Guangzhou Daily, Metropolis Express, and Jimu News, on the followingnoon of January 6, the entire mainland network went viral that a jade consignor from the Pingzhou Jade and Jewelry Specialty Town in Nanhai, Foshan, accidentally sold a piece of jade “worth more than 10 million yuan.” The jade ring fell into the river downstairs, so a professional salvage team was asked to pump out the river and salvage it.

Netizens said that many jewelry companies nearby were doing live broadcasts. It is estimated that the jeweler was trying to show his customers the effect of jade in natural light. When he stretched his hand out of the window, the jade accidentally fell and fell into the river downstairs. inside.

A local jade live broadcaster said, “Under natural light, the color of jade is the most authentic, which is also one of our selling points.” “You don’t see the color under the light.” Selecting jade under natural light is the most direct and easiest way. Convenient means of selection.

As the news spread, on the morning of the 8th, a large number of people gathered along the river in Foshan to watch the excitement, and many live broadcasters broadcast the salvage progress live.

A man surnamed Liang who was watching at the scene said that people in the town were discussing this matter, “If it hadn’t fallen, why would you have hired someone to clear out the silt and pump out water?”

However, many people are skeptical regarding the news that this “Emperor Green Jade” ring is worth RMB 12 million and that the boss is offering a reward of RMB 2 million to anyone who finds it. Some people in the industry believe that 12 million yuan may not be realistic. It is estimated that the value of this ring should be several million yuan, so the bonus of 2 million yuan is just a rumor.

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The Beijing News reported that on the evening of the 8th, a salvage worker shouted when he found the jade. When everyone asked him, he replied, “Found it!” Then the audience burst into applause and cheers, and the jeweler was so happy that he set off fireworks. celebrate.

It is understood that Pingzhou, Nanhai, Foshan is the famous “hometown of bracelets” in China. Not only is this the largest distribution center for Burmese jadeite raw stones in China, but the jadeite wool trade ranks first in the mainland. It is also the largest jadeite bracelet market in China and ranks first in the production and processing of bracelets in the mainland. 90% of local merchants are engaged in live broadcast e-commerce, and the average price per customer of online sales also ranks first in mainland China.

After three days and nights of salvage, a sky-high-priced jadeite that fell into a smelly ditch in Foshan was finally found around 20:20 on the 8th. … This jade ring that fell into a smelly ditch is said to be worth RMB 12 million, but many people have doubts regarding it. (Picture/taken from…

There are more than 20,000 e-commerce practitioners in the entire town. On average, more than 60,000 pieces of jade are sold across the mainland through the live broadcast platform every day, with the highest single-day transaction volume reaching 100 million yuan (approximately NT$4.35).

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