Formula 1 | Ferrari tests its evolutions on the track during a day at Monza

Ferrari used the second of its two allowed days of filming for the 2022 F1 season by running its F1-75 at Monza this Friday.

Ferrari took to the track between the Miami and Spanish Grands Prix after opting for a day of filming on a high-speed circuit, presumably to test its first package of big upgrades planned for Barcelona.

A photo of Charles Leclerc in action at the Italian Grand Prix site was shared on Ferrari’s social media on Friday afternoon, with the team adding that their ‘attention now turns to Barcelona next weekend’.

In accordance with F1 regulations, Ferrari was limited to 100 kilometers of running – the equivalent of 17 laps of the Monza track – with demonstration tires specially supplied by Pirelli.

Ferrari has now used its two days allowed for the year, having also taken the Barcelona circuit ahead of pre-season testing.

A film crew was also on hand to capture videos that the Scuderia can use, without the Russian sponsor Kaspersky which was ousted after the start of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

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