Fortuna Dusseldorf: Record! Daniel Thioune invincible! – 2nd Bundesliga

Never before has a Fortuna coach started his job as well as Daniel Thioune (47). 10 points from the first 4 games – club record!

Thies are invincible!

Against Ingolstadt (3:0) there is no doubt from the first second who will win this game. Thioune had promised full-throttle football and his players stuck to it against the bottom of the table:

► 3 minutes: Daniel Ginczek heads in completely free-standing from 8 meters after a perfect Khaled-Narey cross to make it 1-0. Manager Klaus Allofs put pressure on the newcomer (who came from Wolfsburg) during the week – it seems to have helped.

► Matthias Zimmermann follows up with a shot from 16 meters (2: 0 / 35.).

► Narey shattered all remaining doubts with his 3-0 win at home (50th).

Especially because ex-Fortune Marcel Gaus also flies off the pitch with yellow-red in the 57th minute, Ingolstadt has to manage the 0: 3 without the native of Düsseldorf with only 10 men.

Goalscorer and provider Narey (joined from HSV in the summer): “I wanted to show everyone what I can do, I’m doing quite well in Düsseldorf. We now have a new coach who brought new ideas. Everyone is more awake, and we press much earlier. We will continue on this path mercilessly and win a few more games.”

Thies are invincible!

The record coach: “These 10 points are essential for survival. We’ll need 40 points, we want them as soon as possible. But it’s not over yet!”

Fortuna gets some air in the relegation battle and is now 4 points ahead of the relegation place.

Saturday in Paderborn (1.30 p.m. / Sky) Thioune is welcome to expand his record…

Fortuna showed the flag against the war in Ukraine at the game in front of 14,200 spectators. Blue and yellow national flags can be seen throughout the Düsseldorf arena, and the players are warming up in jerseys with the inscription “Peace is the way”.

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