Fortunately we got rid of Zagorakis – 2024-04-12 12:09:23

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The comment of former ND minister Nikitas Kaklamanis is scathing for his “transcription”. Thodori Zagorakis in PASOK as an MEP candidate.

In the program “The next day” on Action 24, the former minister commented on the candidacy of the former football player in the European elections:

«PASOK should have also taken a rightist. We have collected half of PASOK. Let one of us go and go to PASOK. For God’s sake that’s a whole lot of shit. Do I mind? Good thing we got rid of him».

In the same show, PASOK MEP candidate Kostas Chrysogonos also placed himself in the specific candidacy, stating that: “In essence, Mr. Zagorakis was formally New Democracy, but politically he was colorless. He did not take a position in favor of the positions of New Democracy, he did not speak».


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