Four shakes to strengthen muscles when exercising

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During physical activity, the consumption of fruits and other foods is key to improving performance and strengthening the joints that are worked.


When a person has an exercise routine, they are also constantly aware of their diet. Beyond healthy consumption, a method to link exercise with food is through shakes to strengthen muscles and boost effort.

To improve physical activity, shakes are a good way to recover energy and strengthen joints. These are some shakes to gain muscle mass that he recommends Sports world.

Strawberry is one of the fruits that gives more energy when exercising, so it is important to improve performance and joint mobility.

To prepare it, you need a cup of strawberries, another of skimmed milk, half a cup of oatmeal, one of unsweetened Greek yogurt and a tablespoon of chia. First, cut the strawberry into slices, to mix it with the rest of the ingredients. It can be consumed like this or pass the mixture through the blender beforehand, so that it does not have pieces of the fruit; either way is recommended. Finally, you can add nuts.

The banana is a fruit that is characterized by containing a high amount of protein necessary for the body during physical activity. To make the shake, the following ingredients are needed: cup of skim milk, a frozen banana, half a cup of amaranth, a tablespoon of cinnamon and another of sugar-free peanut butter.

The first step is to cut the banana into parts, and then mix it with the skim milk. Additionally, the cup of amaranth is added. Cinnamon and peanuts are not mandatory, it depends on the person’s taste.

One of the characteristics is that coffee is an activating drink and has health benefits. Specifically in regards to muscle mass, This food enhances functions, such as elasticity and performance.

Its preparation consists of mixing a cup of skimmed milk with a cup of coffee, preferably espresso. Finally, add half a cup of hydrated oats and, if desired, 20 almonds. Apart from the fact that the taste will be friendly to the palate, it will also be a supplement for physical activity.

Another source of energy is chocolate. However, it must be taken into account that they are not bars or other presentations, but that they fulfill the function of a supplement in their form of cocoa beans.

To get the smoothie, three 100-gram dates are bought. Already with these, between one to two tablespoons are used in a mixture with a cup of skim milk. Both products are beaten until a homogeneous liquid is formed. Immediately afterwards, half a tablespoon of quinoa and another of mint extract are added. Finally, the main ingredient. Two tablespoons of powder are added to the composition and it will be ready for consumption.

A food that cannot be missing from your diet if the goal is to increase the muscle mass of the body, that is oats. This cereal has energetic and nutritional qualities, as well as being a food rich in protein, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, trace elements and healthy fats.

These properties contribute to the increase of muscles. Faced with its consumption, it is recommended to do it before and after training. Previously it works to recharge energy and later to replenish the glycogen used in the activity. For its production, you need: half a liter of milk, 60 grams of oats, soy protein, 15 grams of wheat germ and a tablespoon of honey.

The shake is made after all the ingredients go through the blender, to the point that they form a homogeneous mixture. Additionally, It can be consumed at other times outside of exercise, because the muscles will be strengthening during rest.

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