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2023-07-01 10:59:04

Austria must support Hungary and Poland in defending national sovereignty

Vienna (OTS) – “Instead of following the big announcements with action and supporting Hungary and Poland in their demands and thus putting more pressure on the EU, ÖVP Chancellor Nehammer and ÖVP Minister of the Interior Karner are once again lying down. The heads of state of Hungary and Poland are demonstrating how one can successfully defend oneself and one’s population against the EU crats in Brussels. The planned forced distribution of illegal immigrants is the opposite of a restrictive asylum policy, which the ÖVP only pretends to the Austrians in order to then betray them in Brussels. This is another stab in the heart of Austrian self-determination. It needs a clear no to a distribution against the will of the states, which means a clear yes to sovereign self-determination. A FPÖ chancellor would have supported Hungary and Poland in this fight for freedom against Brussels. I call on the Federal Chancellor to immediately withdraw Austria’s consent to forced asylum distribution. If he doesn’t have the courage to protect the Austrians, then he should leave his chair and take Interior Minister Karner with him. The FPÖ has the courage to resist and to defend our freedom against the ‘Migration Friends’ in Brussels,” affirmed FPÖ Federal Party Chairman Klubobmann NAbg. Herbert Kickl the demand of the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and the Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki at the EU summit to revise the EU’s asylum reform plans and thus to reverse the decision of the EU interior ministers at the beginning of June. The regulation recently passed – including by ÖVP Minister of the Interior Karner – stipulates that the acceptance of refugees should no longer be voluntary in the future, but mandatory. Countries that refuse to take them in should pay compensation payments of 20,000 euros per migrant.

Even during the Austrian Council Presidency, as Minister of the Interior at the time, he resolutely opposed the EU’s planned pull factors: “I agree with Orban when he speaks of a fight for freedom, because the redistribution model planned by the EU is diametrically opposed to our self-determination. Even when Austria held the Council Presidency, I successfully fought against this as Minister of the Interior and pulled out all the stops to prevent this madness. Hungary has always been a reliable partner against the asylum madness in Brussels. It is precisely these courageous, strong partners that are needed to protect our country, to finally build the ‘Fortress Austria’ and the ‘Fortress Constitution’ and thus protect the core of our self-determination and bring us back from Brussels! Because we serve the sovereign, the Austrians, and not some Brussels Eurocrats.”

In numerous statements in the past, the ÖVP has spoken out against redistribution, but when it comes to action, the People’s Party falls down cowardly and thus stabs the Austrians in the back: “The ÖVP including the Greens, SPÖ and NEOS are much closer to the interests of the EU Commission than the needs of the sovereign, namely the Austrian population. We will have to experience the same tragedy again when EU contributions are increased.”

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